Personal Concierge

Begin Today Organizing in Hot Springs Village is your personal concierge.

Let's face it.  We love Hot Springs Village, but we moved here to do more of what we enjoy! It's a time-consuming, gas-guzzling trek to get the shopping and errands done. And if you've just had surgery or are nursing someone at home, juggling the recovery with household errands can be overwhelming. 

How can I make your life simpler by taking some of the errands off your to-do list?

Customized pricing (per number of stops and tasks) for errands in Benton & Little Rock.

Simplify Your Life

Hot Springs - 2nd & 4th Monday - $50 minimum purchase each stop:  Sam's Club,Kroger, Lowes; additional stops as requested

- 20% surcharge on all receipts*

- pickup at Westgate free

- $15 delivery east of POA; $7 West of POA.

Customized and discounted pricing for rehab patients.

*additional 4% processing fee on receipts if paying for purchases on credit card