Moving Services

"Kathy made our move back to my country less difficult.  Without her help we would have been delayed.  She moves fast, like a 'rocket' and organizes what is on her way.  She doesn't waste time.  We appreciate it very much for having had her.  She is pleasant, kind, and understanding." - Winnie F., Hot Springs (packed and moved to the Philippines)

I am just so pleased with Kathy's work.  I'd like to have had her here every day to help me pack up.  She's pleasant, she's efficient, she gets the job done. - Janice B., Hot Springs Village (packed and moved to Indiana)

"Thank you.  We could not have accomplished this move without your help.  You were a calmness amidst our chaos."  - Pat and Phil Norman

"Still unpacking, but I've got to say that you are totally AWESOME."  - Janice Mitchell


 Kathy is a miracle worker.  I put off cleaning my garage for years and without Kathy’s help would have put it off even more.  It’s so nice to have a garage that not only can I walk through, but one where I can find everything.  Kathy is truly amazing!! – Ken S., HSV

"When I think of the work you're saving my kids from having to do, I'm so grateful for all your help!"  - Bob L.

I"m so proud of my closets!  I can't thank you enough! - Beverly H., HSV

I'm so happy to have <my craft closet> done.  I realized I would never have gotten around to it.  I find myself just standing in the doorway just admiring what has been done. - Jan F.

"As a single dad with one daughter out of the house and the other in high school, my house needed help. My office was a disorganized disaster zone and I had so much stuff in the game room it was no fun stepping in there. But Kathy did step in and we got it organized and staged to sell. My realtor was thrilled to list it as 'move-in ready' -- and I was so thrilled, I married Kathy!" --Shawn Clark 

Staging to Sell

“Kathy recently staged one of my listings. She spent a lot of time helping my client de-clutter and prepare the home for sale. Kathy is very attentive to details that include the colors of paint and flooring, each item on a bookshelf or dresser, and the placement of furniture in all the rooms. Kathy’s recommendations made the home look like a model home ready for sale.” --Darci Singer, Better Homes and Garden, Gary Greene Real Estate 


 "I've known Kathy for years and when I'm short on time and have a long list of chores and errands, Kathy is able to step in to help get things done. I'm so glad she's bringing her organizing skills to the Village!" --Denise Posey